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I'm hoping this finds it's way to the right people.  This is a legendary dump, that sadly was only a partial dump (although it has important stuff like the kernel).  I've been holding this for decades, and I figure that this may be the right place to let this thing see the light.

This is for the black m68k machines, namely the 68030 based Cube, and the NeXT Station.

        switch (machine_type) {

        case NeXT_CUBE:
                cpu_type = MC68030;

        case NeXT_WARP9:
        case NeXT_X15:
        case NeXT_WARP9C:
                cpu_type = MC68040;
                slot_id_bmap += 0x00100000;     // remap byte devices to BMAP chip
                bmap_chip = (struct bmap_chip*) P_BMAP;

To give you an idea of what this thing supports, and what is in there.


For fellow tourists, you can use the NeXT emulator Previous to boot up 2.0 unpack this stuff, and build away.


Not sure how to do the official link download thing so here...



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